viernes, febrero 17, 2006

Why I love figure skating

Me pongo un poco ñoña cuando hablo de patinaje. Son muchos años subida encima de unos patines (hace ya muchos también) y me sigue poniendo los pelos de punta ver a determinados patinadores. Así que estos días estoy disfrutando como una enana de los Juegos de Turín, esos a los que habría dado un brazo por poder ir pero que mi jefe se olvidó de acreditarme.

Ayer fue la final de chicos, y pocas veces he encontrado descripciones tan brillantes como las que ha hecho Ann Kilion, del Mercury News...

"I love men's skating because someone like Switzerland's Stephane Lambiel will think its a great idea to show up for the biggest moment in his life wearing an outfit with zebra stripes on one side, tiger stripes on another and blue sleeves. It was Cincinnati Bengals-meet-Charro. I love men's figure skating because there are signs in the stand like the one that read "Fly High Lovely Zebra" in honor of Lambiel's fashion choices."

I love men's figure skating because a guy like Evgeni Plushenko can throw down a Quadruple Toeloop-Triple Toeloop-Double Loop combination and six other triple jumps and leave no doubt about what kind of an athlete he is."

I love men's figure skating because Johnny Weir, when asked to describe his performance, could say "I didn't feel my aura. Inside I was black.". Weir is a charming, funny kid from rural Pennsylvania. He isn't afraid to say anything - even to call himself "princessy" or to describe a competitor's short program as "a vodka-shot-let's-snort-coke kind of thing." His favorite book is "The Devil Wears Prada" though his favorite author is Leo Tolstoy. He's a fashionista and a Russophile. He's learned to speak Russian and wears a vintage CCCP Sweater. He went shopping on Via Roma and considered buying a mink-lined umbrella. He calls his family "country bumpkins." He wears a swan outfit, complete with an orange beak that he calls Camille. On Thursday he was dressed in turquoise with chiffon wings. He once called one of his outfits "Care Bears on acid." He said of Thursday's fashion choice, "The Care Bears are back!"

Yo no podría decirlo mejor. Sólo añadiría que a todos estos detalles se les suma un generalizado culo de pollo digno de atención. Y aun así, me encanta. Veréis cuando lleguen las chicas, la semana que viene.